Second survey below carried out to a property in deal with a slate roof

Numerous slates have slipped / moving and are becoming disrupted to both gable ends on this property . This is down to the cement verges cracking and failing and coming away from underneath the roof structure , this is then allowing the wind to get underneath the slate causing more damage and movement to the slated roof. Holes are appearing in the roof structure and this will allow rain water to ingress in to the roof area causing more issues for the property owner.

Cement verges cracking to both gable ends.

The cement verges to this property have only ever been patched up . And when new wet cement is installed against dry it will always crack and fail leading to the problems you can see in the photos , where it’s coming out from in between the brickwork and the underside of the roof structure.

The client was advise that when the cement verges are replaced . The whole side of the verge should be completely cut out , replaced with a new continuous cement fillet so it all sets together preventing this cracking and failing of the cement fillet continuing.

This is the reason the client is having problems with the slates to both gable ends of this property.

The stepped lead flashing to this property is at a section where two parts of the building meet.
This flashing was installed In 1950 as you can see from one of the photos.

This flashing where it meets the rendering is failing and looking washed out.

The lead flashing is also cracking where it steps up the wall and holes are appearing in the corners where the rendering is also failing and because of its age is now probably quiet brittle. These holes and cracks will allow rain water to ingress into this area causing more issues with damp and the render will start to become soft and come away from the wall.

The client listened to what was advised and is now looking to move forward with all repairs.

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