Chimney Survey

Chimney stacks are suffering from spalling which is a result of water penetration, which freezes through the winter and heating up through the summer which then leads to faces of the brickwork blowing, crumbling, flaking, and cracking which can lead to serious structural issues and expensive repairs or rebuilds.
In our opinion, one stack needs taking down to plinth height and rebuilding, and raked out and repointed below plinth.

The second stack needs repair work. ie:

  • Bricks cutting out and replacing
  • Full grind out and re-pointing with old flaunching removing and reinstalling
  • Also Checking flashings and replacing if deemed necessary.


Broken chimney pots with flaunching around the base of the pots becoming loose and unstable.

This could pose a further threat to the roof or people below if the pots and flaunching come away from the stack in high winds.

Deal Chimney Stack
Deal Chimney Stack
Deal Chimney Stack